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I’ve been officially working in this industry for around twenty seven years, although family and friends can attest to hearing radical notions exiting my mouth at times that no one else could have known.

I just thought it was all obvious, and it wasn’t until years later, I was told I had been channeling in some way.  The clairaudience being the strongest, then clairsentience.  The clairvoyance when it appears, is strong, but its not on all the time the way the other two are.


I always call upon my perception of God, guides, angels, and all those who are for the highest good of my client, and myself at the time to enter into our session, and from there the magic begins!!


My client gives me four numbers under 103 – anything at all, and I can take it from there.  The readings include past, present, future and counseling in how to make the changes in their life to achieve that future faster.  There is nothing more fulfilling for me,  than seeing a client spread their wings, in becoming the star that they are on this earth.


My aim is to help you to help yourself, and to aid you in strengthening  your own bond with your higher self, angels and guides.  The clairvoyant future I see, can be an added bonus to your journey.

Psychic Readings and Metaphysical Mentoring

about lesley

I’m known to be pretty direct, and if I cant see it, then I wont say it!!  I will tell you what you need to hear, rather than sometimes what you might want to hear….  If it feels right, then it is, go ahead and contact me……


Readings can be done by phone, email or in person.


Phone: 09 294 8792  or  027 4061246




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